PWS Weather Has Listed KY6U WX Station

KY6U WX Weather Station has been listed as KY6U1 on PWS Weather

A little info about PWS Weather:

AerisWeather owns and operates PWSweather – a community that provides personal weather station owners with a user-friendly dashboard to monitor, manage, and archive their data. Each contributor’s data is also made available in AerisWeather’s API via the PWSweather Contributor Plan. With access to historical, current, and forecast weather data along with map layers through the Contributor Plan, subscribers can power various applications – from smart home automation to personal weather websites. Finally, all members of the community can take advantage of a number of professional consumer applications which have a native PWSweather integration. Popular apps such as Rachio, Carrot Weather, and Orbit B-Hyve each have the ability for users to leverage their own personal weather data to power the respective app.

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