KY6U WX Station Data is live on MesoWest

As part of our integration into the National Weather Service, KY6U WX weather site has been integrated into MesoWest. You can view our weather data on their site.

MesoWest is an ongoing cooperative project, started in 1996, to provide access to current and archive weather observations across the United States. Weather observations include but are not limited to temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and precipitation. Data are collected from a variety of organizations. Some stations participate in voluntary weather observing networks such as the Citizen Weather Observer Program. Others are part of mesonets that are managed by private firms or federal/state/local agencies. These data are available for a multitude of uses. Over 20,000 weather stations actively report to the MesoWest database.

KY6U WX is listed as station G2948 through the National Weather Service.

View Our Data at MesoWest

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